Jinsha Site Museum

Jinsha site was unearthed in February 2001 in Chengdu in an area spreading across about 5 square kilometers. It was the capital of the ancient Shu state, the center of the ancient civilization center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River from the 12th century BC to the 7th century


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The Heihe Integrated Observatory Network: A Basin‐Scale

2018年12月13日  The Heihe River Basin (HRB), which contains the second largest inland river in China, is an ideal natural field experimental area for investigation of land surface processes

作者: Shaomin Liu, Xin Li, Ziwei Xu, Tao Che, Qing Xiao, Mingguo Ma, Qinhuo Liu, Rui Jin, Jianwen Guo, Lia...

Modeled effects of irrigation on surface climate in the

2017年7月24日  The main physical parameterizations are the WRF single-moment 6-class microphysics scheme [Hong and Lim, 2006], the Community Atmospheric Model version 3


2022年11月18日  金山环保集团是国内一家研制生产成套环保设备及各类水处理配套产品的多元化无区域性集团公司,总部位于我国经济最活跃地区之一、温州经济模式发源地——浙江省乐清


2022年7月25日  金沙生物(Beijing Genesand Biotech Co.,Ltd )产品涉及核酸提取、电泳、PCR、qPCR、克隆、反转录、蛋白表达、细胞等八大系列。为广大科研工作者提供优质的产

Changing runoff due to temperature and precipitation

2020年3月1日  The mainstream of the Jinsha River has a high hydropower potential (Wang et al., 2015), and has a potential capacity of about 83.2 million kW, with an annual power generation

Jinsha Site Museum

2022年12月2日  2022/12/14. · 成都金沙遗址博物馆“2023年成都金沙太阳节(暂定名)园外区域氛围营造材料采购项目”询价邀请函. 2022/12/14. · 金沙遗址博物馆在疫情防控期间的参观提示. 2022/12/02. · 创英国V&A博物馆来华展览之最,

Thermal Characteristics and Recent Changes of

2018年6月25日  (a) Location of the Heihe River Basin, and the upper reaches. (b) Topography of the upper reaches of the Heihe River Basin and locations of Yeniu Gou and Eboling Mountain. Borehole locations in Eboling Mountain (c)


2015年5月22日  被指涉嫌学术不端行为的兰州大学教授董广辉表示,既然有人说自己剽窃别人的学术观点,可以请涉嫌被剽窃的作者本人对此


2022年2月23日  汉高推出专为适应紧凑型摄像头模组复杂性而设计的导电胶. 作为消费电子材料解决方案的领先企业,汉高今日推出其最新导电胶(ECA)产品。. 该产品可在室温条件下固

Modeling surface longwave radiation over high-relief terrain

2020年2月1日  Heihe watershed. The study area (99°40′E−100°33′E, 38°28′ N−39°7′) is located at the upstream region of the Heihe River Basin, Gansu Province, China; this area is located within the Qilian Mountains, near the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. More longwave radiation is emitted into the atmosphere in the plain areas

The Heihe Integrated Observatory Network: A Basin‐Scale

2018年12月13日  The Heihe River Basin (HRB), which contains the second largest inland river in China, is an ideal natural field experimental area for investigation of land surface processes involving diverse landscapes and the coexistence of cold and arid regions. The Heihe Integrated Observatory Network was established in 2007.

(PDF) Influences of 3D Sub‐Grid Terrain Radiative Effect on

2022年1月1日  Influences of 3D Sub‐Grid Terrain Radiative Effect on the Performance of CoLM Over Heihe River Basin, Tibetan Plateau 2013 to 2015, as well as the deviations in direct radiation (d), (e


2022年12月12日  黑河市地处中国东北边陲,黑龙江省北部,面积68726平方公里。以黑龙江主航道中心线为界,与俄罗斯远东第三大城市—阿穆尔州首府布拉戈维申斯克市隔黑龙江相望,是中俄边境线上唯一一对规模较大、规格最高、功能

A parameterization of sub-grid topographical effects on

2021年10月19日  Abstract. Topography exerts significant influences on the incoming solar radiation at the land surface. A few stand-alone regional and global atmospheric models have included parameterizations for sub-grid topographic effects on solar radiation. However, nearly all Earth system models (ESMs) that participated in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project

Characteristics of a rapid landsliding area along Jinsha

2022年1月10日  The Sichuan-Tibet railway goes across the Upper Jinsha River, along which a large number of large historical landslides have occurred and dammed the river. Therefore, it is of great significance to investigate large potential landslides along the Jinsha River. In this paper, we inspect the deformation characteristics of a rapid landsliding area along the Jinsha River by


2022年12月12日  自贸区黑河片区努力开创党建引领创新发展新局面. 中国(黑龙江)自由贸易试验区发布第六批20项省级创新实践案例. 安全生产】黑河自贸片区召开会议迅速贯彻落实省、市安全生产会议精神. 黑河市应急管理局到黑河自贸片区调研. 媒体聚焦 更多+. 首届全球

Baihetan Hydropower Project, China World's

July 2022. The Baihetan hydropower project is a 16GW hydroelectric facility under construction on the Jinsha River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in south-west China. It will be the world’s second biggest power station after the Three

Water ecological function zoning in Heihe River Basin,

2016年12月1日  The Heihe River Basin (98°–101°30′ E, 37°50′–42°40′ N) rises in the North of Qilian Mountains and flows into the South Inner Mongolia ().It is the second longest river in inland areas with a total length of about 821 km and a catchment area of about 14.2 × 104 km 2.It is located in the middle of Hexi Corridor, Northwest China, which is a typical arid region of inland

China meteorological forcing dataset (1979-2018)

Qilian Mountains integrated observatory network: Dataset of the Heihe River Basin integrated observatory network (automatic weather station of Huazhaizi desert steppe station, 2018) 2.Multi-scale surface flux and meteorological elements observation dataset in the Hai River Basin (Guantao site-automatic weather station) (2008-2010) 3.

An Improved Approach for Estimating Daily Net Radiation

2017年1月4日  radiation equation after calibration and the comprehensive coefficients for the Heihe River Basin: 0.33 + 0.01 LAI or 0.36, − 0.15, 0.84 and 0.15, respectively; these values are substantially

Influences of 3D Sub‐Grid Terrain Radiative Effect on the

2022年1月8日  Surface solar radiation (SSR), as a primary component of heat budget between land and atmosphere, controls both water and energy exchanges. However, the sub-grid terrain radiative effect (STRE) which exerts critical influences on SSR simulation is usually extremely simplified or even ignored in most current land surface models (LSMs) due to the


2022年6月21日  摘要: FY-4A是我国自主研发的新一代静止气象卫星,其太阳短波辐射(downward surface shortwave radiation,DSSR)产品在水文、生态研究和能源开发利用等方面具有广阔的应用前景。. 基于祁连山综合观测网2018年4—12月的12个辐射站点观测数据,对黑河流域FY-4A DSSR产品

Heihe Heilongjiang: Trade Center on China

2020年4月21日  Heihe is located in the northeast region of Heilongjiang Province, neighboring Yichun and Suihua to the southeast and Qiqihar to the southwest. It is separated by the Nenjiang River from Inner Mongolia on the

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About Digital Heihe. “数字黑河”是为黑河流域科学研究和流域集成管理而搭建的集数据、模型和观测系统于一体的信息化平台,是“数字地球”在流域尺度上的一次实践性尝试。. 数字黑河由数据平台、模型平台和数字化观测系统组成,其核心是观测、数据和模型

Full article: Spatial characteristics of physical environments

2019年1月10日  2. Study area and data. Yunnan Jinsha River watershed is located between 24°30′ and 29°15′ N, 98°40′ and 105°15′ (), with 49 counties and a total area of 110,883 km 2.The river watershed belongs to the low-latitude, high-altitude subtropical climate zone, which can be divided into three types: dry-hot valleys, dry-warm valleys, and subtropical valleys, depending

HER2:原癌驱动基因,也是肿瘤耐药新靶点? 研究热点

2021年4月1日  HER2靶向药物治疗正在为癌症带来新的希望。. 近二十年的肿瘤治疗历程中,抗HER2治疗取得了许多令人鼓舞的进展,新的抗HER2药物的出现,使肿瘤患者有了更多的选择,双靶的联合也提高了疗效,抗体-药物的结合使用使细胞毒作用发挥更充分,多靶点新药进一步


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